SyncBreeze is a fast, powerful and reliable file synchronization solution for local disks, network shares, NAS storage devices and enterprise storage systems. Users are provided with multiple one-way and two-way file synchronization modes, periodic file synchronization, real-time file synchronization, bit-level file synchronization, multi-stream file synchronization, background file synchronization and much more.

16-Jun-2015 - SyncBreeze Enterprise v7.5 adds the ability to setup fault-tolerant, active-active and active-passive clustered configurations. The new product version allows one to monitor a SyncBreeze file synchronization server via the network and automatically activate a backup file synchronization server when the primary server goes offline. In addition, the new version improves the main SyncBreeze GUI application and fixes a number of bugs.
21-May-2015 - SyncBreeze Server v7.4 adds the ability to save multiple named product configurations with each one defining which file synchronization operations to perform and switch between different product configurations in a single mouse click. In addition, the new product version adds the ability to manage product configurations using the command line utility and fixes a number of bugs.
22-Apr-2015 - SyncBreeze v7.3 adds advanced fault-tolerance capabilities capable of preventing abnormal operations during unexpected network disconnects. In addition, the new product version adds the ability to backup/restore the SyncBreeze Server product configuration using the command line utility, adds the ability to perform silent product installation and fixes a number of bugs.