SyncBreeze is a fast, powerful and reliable file synchronization solution for local disks, network shares, NAS storage devices and enterprise storage systems. Users are provided with multiple one-way and two-way file synchronization modes, periodic file synchronization, real-time file synchronization, bit-level file synchronization, multi-stream file synchronization, background file synchronization and much more.

10-Nov-2016 - SyncBreeze v9.1 adds support for Server 2016, improves the SyncBreeze GUI application, improves the web-based management interface, improves support for UNICODE file names, improves support for long file names and fixes a number of bugs.
5-Oct-2016 - SyncBreeze v9.0 adds parallel directory scanning capabilities significantly improving the performance of file sync operations especially when synchronizing files via slow, high-latency networks. In addition, the new product version adds the ability to keep previous versions of files, improves the file synchronization options dialog, improves file matching rules allowing one to sync specific types of files or exclude specific files from the file synchronization process.
17-Aug-2016 - SyncBreeze v8.9 improves support for multi-language UNICODE file names, improves the file properties dialog, improves file synchronization preview reports, improves error reporting capabilities, improves the SyncBreeze GUI application and fixes a number of bugs.